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Meet Neil

Neil Ednacot began his car detailing journey in 2019 and established River Islands Car Salon in March 2020. With extensive experience, he has detailed over 250 vehicles and continues to expand his skills. His work covers a wide range of cars, from everyday commuters to luxury vehicles, family vans, and even supercars.

Neil provides a full range of services and is skilled at cleaning both the outside and inside of cars. This includes tasks like washing and polishing, deep cleaning interiors, removing pet hair and stains, fixing cloudy headlights, and applying advanced protective coatings.

His commitment to growing his car detailing business is clear through his dedication to providing great customer service. Neil consistently delivers high-quality results and actively invests in marketing to reach more clients.

Neil is passionate about making cars look great and ensuring they feel clean. He's committed to delivering top-notch detailing services to his clients, aiming to enhance the appearance and cleanliness of every vehicle he works on. With a proven track record and a dedication to his craft, Neil is a trusted professional in the car detailing industry.

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