How to Apply Car Wax Properly Even Without Shade

How to Apply Car Wax Properly Even Without Shade

The 4 main problems when waxing outside in direct sunlight are heat, hot paint, dust, and possible bird droppings. Applying car wax under direct sunlight is definitely not recommended.

However, there are some workarounds and certain waxes you can use, in direct sunlight and hot weather. 

Not all who have cars have trees, carports, or garages to give shade to their vehicle. Those without any of these may find it difficult to wax their car properly especially when the high temps and humidity arrive.

Some people would wake up early and wax their car early in the morning when the sun is not at its peak. Some do it late evening right before the sun sets. There are also some who consider using the bays of a self-serve car wash to wax theirs.

In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to apply wax in your car without a shade.

Which type of car wax to use?

The three types of waxes available in the market today are liquid, paste and spray wax.

Paste Wax:

The most traditional form. Usually has the highest concentration of carnauba and silicones. Some paste waxes can protect your car for 3-6 months. Sometimes up to a year.

Most paste waxes cannot be applied in direct sunlight because of curing or dwelling time. It can stain some trims and glass. It can be a bit more difficult to wipe off or remove.

Liquid wax:

Easier application method. It can be applied using a machine polisher or hand. Sometimes it can be messy or streaky if you apply too much. Some can’t be applied under direct sunlight.

Some liquid waxes contain compounds that can act as a polishing agent to remove swirl marks. The longevity of liquid waxes can be from 2-6 months depending on the manufacturer and paint prep.

Spray wax:

These are more watery and the easiest application. Just spray and wipe. It is preferred by mobile detailers like River Islands Car Salon because of its versatility and ease of use when detailing outside, under the sun.

There are quite a few spray waxes that are sun friendly and we recommend using synthetic spray wax from Meguiars. The longevity of spray wax can be from 2 weeks, up to 2 months.

Water-activated spray wax:

This is a new technology in car paint protection. This is probably the easiest application. After washing your car and rinsing, you spray this water-activated spray wax to bond with the water. Some detailers complain about streaking issues not being rinsed properly.

Also, you might need to use more water to rinse off the product. We are not familiar with this type of spray wax and haven’t used it so far but if you are willing to try, there are several options out there. Longevity can vary from a couple of weeks to 3 months. 

What do we recommend?

We recommend using Meguiars synthetic spray wax for ease of use and sun friendliness. However, we will show you techniques on how to properly wax your car without a shade.

How to Apply Wax without Shade

Normally, the best condition for waxing a car is at an optimum and cool temperature. It’s always advisable to work in the shade if it’s a hot day or in a garage if it’s a cold one.

Working indoors also helps you avoid contaminating your car’s finish with bird droppings and other airborne contaminants.

Waxes are naturally difficult to apply in direct sunlight because they tend to dry too quickly and can be very difficult to remove. There are waxes formulated specifically for use in direct sunlight.

However, if a decent shade is scarce where you live, we’ll teach you how to apply wax properly. The key is doing it at a cooler temperature and using the product in small sections at a time and in thinner layers. Here’s a step-by-step process for you to follow.

Step 1: Wash your car with ice water.

Step 1: Wash your car with ice water

Prepare your pressure washer and deionized water system or your garden hose and attach your foam sprayer.

Get a bucket of distilled water and fill it with some ice cubes. Add your car soap, and dunk your clean microfiber wash mitt. Swirl it around to make foam.

Rinse your car, spray with soap and then scrub. The cold water will make the paint surface cooler and this gives you more time to apply your wax.

Step 2. Dry your car using microfiber towels and a leaf blower

Step 2. Dry your car using microfiber towels and a leaf blower

Wipe dry your car right after you rinse so you don’t get water spots, especially if you don’t have distilled water or you’re using tap water.

The water droplets and wax may cause streaking issues, so be sure to wipe the car dry completely.

Step 3. Apply spray wax and wipe.

Step 3. Apply spray wax and wipe

While the paint surface is cool to the touch, spray some wax directly and wipe with a clean microfiber towel.

Don’t over-saturate or spray too much wax because it can be difficult to remove. Spray twice across and evenly on each panel for better results.

apply spray rinse less solution

Step 4. Carry a spray bottle filled with ice water and rinse less wash solution.

As you wax each panel, other panels will get hot. Spray some ice water with a diluted rinse less wash solution to keep the panels cool.

Wipe it dry and touch the panel to see if it’s still hot. Spray ice water until the panel cools off then apply wax.

Tips on How to Wax Your Car Without Shade

Waxing your car properly even without shade can be quite tricky. You need to know the right process to do it and the right tools and products to do it with. Good thing we have these top tips and tricks for you so you can properly wax your car even when there’s no shade.

1. Divide the panels into small sections and apply the wax one section at a time. Work as quickly as possible.

If you’re waxing your car in broad daylight, the tendency is that the wax will dry right away. This will give your paintwork ugly wax patches and can be quite difficult to remove.

However, if you divide the different panels into sections and work quickly on each of them, you’ll be able to wax your car even without shade triumphantly.

2. Apply thinner layers of wax to save product and buff easily

Waxing your car under direct sunlight works better if you’re applying thin layers of wax. This makes it easier for the wax to cure and buff away the excess. 

Applying a thicker layer of wax doesn’t always mean better protection. Just make sure to spread the wax thinly and evenly for better results.

When all else fails, it’s best to call an expert mobile car detailer to do the car waxing for you. They have the right tools and products and they know the proper way to wax your car even without shade.

 You can get your money and time’s worth, especially when working with the best mobile car detailer, River Islands Car Salon.

4. Avoid waxing your car when the sun’s at its peak

If you’re planning to wax your car in broad daylight, make sure not to do it when the sun’s at its hottest. Avoid doing it at midday. Wake up and rise early to avoid the scorching heat of the sun or do the deed in the afternoon before the sun sets. The key here is to avoid basking your car under the heat of the sun.

5. Use a wax that can be applied in direct sunlight

As mentioned earlier, there are certain brands that specifically formulate their wax to be used in direct sunlight. This is perfect for those who live in places that have warmer temperatures all day long. You can also use this if you prefer to apply wax at midday.

Now that we’ve laid down all the processes and tips, you now know how to apply wax without shade. Though it’s not advisable to do this under direct sunlight, when you have no other choice, it’s best to know the right alternative.

Just because you don’t have trees, carports, or garages to give shade to your vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t apply car wax on it. The only thing you need to remember is to do it when the sun’s not too hot and to apply it quickly one section at a time.

You can always hire a professional mobile car detailing service if you can’t do it on your own. And since they’re experts, whether where your car’s parked has a shade or not, they can wax your car properly so you can get the best results. 

If you’re looking for the best mobile car detailer near you, don’t look elsewhere! River Islands Car Salon is the ideal mobile car detailer for you. Contact us now to get started.

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