Car Buffing and Paint Correction Service in Lathrop

Achieve a deep gloss and shine with our paint correction service. We remove annoying swirl marks or excessive water spots.

Does your car look dull even after you wax it?

The main reason behind the dullness you see is from the defects and swirl marks on your car paint. Those defects and swirl marks are usually caused by improper washing methods. By using dirty wash mitts, rough towels, and stiff brushes, these make your paint look dull.

Also, harsh elements such as hard water spots, bird droppings and sap, can accumulate in your paint. If left untreated for a few months or years, these elements can etch onto your clear coat. Thus, making your car look dull and old.

No matter how much you wax your car, you will notice that your paint doesn’t look shiny as it used to be.

The solution we offer is car polishing and paint correction.

Car Buffing and Paint Correction Services in Lathrop

Paint correction aka “buffing” has 3 levels:

Level 1. Paint Enhancement

Which removes 10%-50% of the swirl marks and defects. This is the least aggressive method and have the quickest time to complete. This service can take from 2-3hrs on a whole exterior of a 4 door sedan. This method is best for clients who need a good paint improvement while not spending a ton of money.

Level 2. 1-Step Paint Correction

which removes 50%-70% of swirls and defects. This is medium aggressive approach, and can take 5-7hrs on a whole exterior of a 4 door sedan. This is best for clients who have a light scratches that needs removal.

Level 3. 2-Step Paint Correction

Which removes 70%-95% of swirls and defects. This is the most aggressive method because of two cutting pads, compounds and polish. This service is best for clients who have very noticeable swirls and defects. It is for people who need a significant improvement on their paint. This service may take 7-9 hrs for the whole exterior of a regular sized sedan.



Clean the wheels and then rinse the car, section by section.


Wash the car by using clean microfiber wash mitts and ph-neutral soap in a bucket of distilled water.


Clay the surface to remove contaminants and embedded bugs while the car is soapy.


Apply iron remover to remove iron particles. Let it dwell for 30sec to 1min.


Rinse the entire car then wipe dry.


Pull the car inside the garage to prep for paint enhancement or paint correction. Assess the paint using a bright LED flashlight to see areas that needs swirl mark and defect removal.


We will start machine polishing to remove defects and swirl marks. The pads, compounds and arm speed are dependent on the budget and needs of the client.


After polishing, we will apply wax and grease remover to clean the area. We will inspect if the swirl marks and defects are still visible. If visible we will do a second pass (If the client wants a 2-step paint correction.)


After the paint is clean and no more compound residue, we will apply a sealant or a wax to protect the paint.


We will dress tires, clean the glass and do some final touch ups before turning the car to the client.

Car Buffing and Paint Correction Before and After Photos

Feel free to look at some of our paint enhancement and paint correction results. This service is best paired with a Full Car Interior Cleaning or Deep Car Interior Clean and Detail.

swirl marks paint correction service lathrop ca before


swirl marks paint correction service lathrop ca after


Mobile Car Light Scratch Removal Lathrop CA


Mobile Car Light Scratch Removal Lathrop CA after


heavy swirl marks paint correction service river islands ca before
heavy swirl marks paint correction service river islands ca after
Car Buffing and Paint Correction Before


Car Buffing and Paint Correction After


Paint Correction Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet, but we will in the future. We continuously progress and offer more services as time goes on.

Absolutely! It always boils down to your budget and the amount of swirl marks you wish to get rid of.

Paint enhancement removes about 10-50% of swirls.

1-Step Paint Correction removes about 50-70% and 2-Step Paint Correction removes about 70-95% swirls and defects.

Paint enhancement is our most affordable and quickest paint correction service.

For the whole car exterior, no, but for small spots, yes.

It is not recommended to do a paint correction outside because the paint may be too hot to polish. Also, dust and dirt may get onto the polishing pads and it can transfer onto your paint.

The best environment for doing paint correction is inside your garage while the paint is cool to touch.

For small spot correction, it can be done outside since it’ll be a quick correction.

We advise you not to bring it to any automatic car wash or car wash tunnels.

Those automatic car washes can cause scratches or swirl marks because of the brushes they use.

We also recommend hand washing your car and applying wax weekly or bi-weekly. This helps protect and preserve the quality of your paint in the long run. Always remember to use clean microfiber wash mitts when washing your car.

It varies. A 1-step paint correction can take 5-7hrs for a regular sized Toyota Camry.

A 2-step paint correction can take 7-9hrs and paint enhancement can take 2-3hrs for a regular sized sedan.