How to Clean White Tesla Seats

How to clean white tesla seats - mobile car detailing

One would think that a high-tech and luxurious car such as a Tesla would require a more advanced way of cleaning its white seats but it actually only needs basic cleaning with the right considerations and technique.

Although an all-white interior looks neat and classy, it’s actually more prone to dirt and stains. Keeping it white as snow doesn’t require a lot of effort unless you’re dealing with stubborn stains or embedded dirt.

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In the case of stubborn stains that ruin the look of your white Tesla seats, you can always call a mobile car detailing expert who specializes in detailing a Tesla with white interiors like River Islands Car Salon.

If you’re keen on doing it yourself, it’s always best to test any cleaning product first to avoid damaging your car seats. Learn more about keeping leather car seats clean and shiny in our guide to car leather seats.

In this blog, we’re going to cover how to properly clean white Tesla car seats and how to prevent dirt and stains on them.

Let us first address some frequent questions people have about cleaning their white Tesla seats.

What should I clean my Tesla seats with?

According to Tesla’s owner’s manual, spills and chemical residues on a car seat should be wiped right away using a soft cloth, warm water, and non-detergent soap.

To remove the dirt, gently wipe in a circular motion before drying the area with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Is it hard to keep the white interior clean on the Tesla?

With regular cleaning, it should be easy to keep your white Tesla seats clean. In the event of spills and stains, it must be treated promptly. Dried, days-old coffee stains can be quite difficult to remove and would require professional detailers to deal with.

Can I use alcohol or Clorox wipes on Tesla seats?

No, according to Tesla’s owner’s manual, you should never use cleaners containing alcohol or bleach. 

White leather seats are coated with an anti-soiling treatment so any detergents or any commercial leather cleaners and conditioners can discolor or dry out the leather. It’s best to spot-test cleaners on a safe surface before applying it to the car seats.

Steps to Clean White Tesla Seats

Cleaning white Tesla seats needs extra care compared to darker-colored car seats. The extra there just means you have to clean it more regularly in order to preserve its neat look, especially if you have white leather seats.

White seats are more prone to dye transfer and this can cause awful discoloration if not treated right away. A Tesla with white cloth seats should be cleaned using a vacuum in order to remove any loose dirt. If your seats only have minimal dirt or stain on them, you can easily deal with it using a basic cleaning process and simple tools.

Let us now dive into the easy-to-follow steps for you to professionally clean your white Tesla seats.

What You Need:

  • Soft Clean Cloth / Microfiber Towels
  • Warm distilled water
  • Mild pH-neutral hand soap or diluted pH-neutral all-purpose cleaner (diluted 10:1)
  • Spray bottle

Step 1 -

Pour warm distilled water into a spray bottle and then add Castile liquid soap or any other non-detergent soap. Shake well to combine.

Step 2 -

Use a clean microfiber towel in order to avoid scratch or tear on the seats. Do not use a hard or plastic brush as this may damage the surface.

Step 3 -

Spray the solution on the cloth or on the seats and gently wipe down in a circular motion. Natural products are harmless so there’s no need for harsh scrubbing.

Step 4 -

When done, wipe off all soap using another clean and damp microfiber towel. Make sure there isn’t any residue left on the seats as this may cause the seats to crack in the long run.

Step 5 -

Leave the seats to air dry.

How to Keep White Tesla Seats Clean

Now that you know how to clean your white Tesla seats, it’s time to teach you how to let it stay that way. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take much to keep it clean.

Steps how to keep white tesla seats clean - mobile detailing service

You just need to follow these simple tips so you can keep your white Tesla seats looking good for years to come.

Tip #1

Apply a protective coating on the seats. This can help preserve or lengthen the life of your car seats and protect them from dirt and stains.

Tip #2

Use seat covers that can be easily washed and reused. Especially if you have pets or kids that you take on frequent trips.

Tip #3

Do not eat or drink in the car. If you do, be careful not to spill on the seats. Water is the safest option to immediately clean up a spill. 

Tip #4

Use a portable vacuum or soft leather brush to get rid of crumbs, dirt, and debris right away.

Tip #5

Don’t use alcohol-based products, like hand sanitizer, inside the car.

Tip #6

Don’t wear brand-new dark-colored jeans. If you’re going to, make sure you wash them first. If your jeans are damp from rain, snow, or sweat, avoid sitting on the seats directly. Check the seats for stains or marks when leaving the car.

Tip #7

Don’t place handbags or plastic shopping bags on the white seats. If you do, protect the seats with a towel to avoid contact with these items.

Tip #8

Avoid applying make-up, lotions, or spraying perfume inside your car. You may not see the damage right away but if it happens too often, the effect will take a heavy toll on your Tesla’s white seats.

Tip #9

When parking or leaving your car out in the open, don’t park in direct sunlight for a long period of time. This can be damaging to your leather seats which will eventually lead to cracking.

Tip #10

Keep a pack of non-alcohol-based wipes in your car for emergency clean-ups. This can get in handy for spills in order to avoid stains.


There you have it, folks! Cleaning your white Tesla seats is not rocket science. It’s as simple as cleaning a regular car’s seats but as frequent as possible. After all, having white seats, on a Tesla for that matter, should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to cleaning pearly white Tesla seats, all you need are microfiber towels, distilled water, Castile soap, and a spray bottle. You just spray the solution on the surface, wipe with the soft cloth gently, and voila, problem solved!

Be sure to take into consideration the top 10 tips for keeping your Tesla seats clean that are mentioned above. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll keep your car’s interior as clean and brand-new looking as the day you brought it home.

It’s super easy to maintain your car interior when there’s only minimal dirt or stain. But if your white seats are plagued with stubborn stains and dirt, get the help of a professional right away. River Islands Car Salon happens to be an expert at Tesla detailing and dealing with stains on a Tesla with white seats.

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