Which Service Is Best For You? Car Detailing vs Car Wash vs DIY?

Some people confuse car detailing with a car wash. Planning to get a mobile car detailing service? Reading our short guide below will help you determine which service is best for you.

The truth is, car detailing is not right for everyone. A customer’s budget, expectations, and vehicle condition are factors when choosing a car detail or a car wash.

You have a dirty car and you know you need it cleaned.

You may have some tools and products in your garage but you go out with your family on the weekends.

You can take it to a car wash but you’re not sure if they can clean it as well as you’d hope.

You’ve heard about car detailing services but you’ve never had them before.

So, what should you do?

Do you sacrifice time to clean it yourself?

Do you take it to the car wash nearby and hope for the best?

Or do you hire a professional mobile car detailer in Lathrop?

With so many car wash and detailing services out there, it can be confusing. Also, prices vary a lot from one place to another.

Don’t worry, because we got you covered. Take a look at our simple and straightforward chart below:

(NOTE: If you’re reading this on your phone, please tilt it lengthwise so you can read it better.)

 Professional Mobile Car DetailingCar Wash Shop/TunnelDo-It-Yourself
(Assuming you have a very basic experience)
Do you have a specific concern that needs professional help? (Ex. Stain, pet hair, sand, swirl mark removal)YesNoNo
Are you looking to spend $50-$100 only?NoYesYes
Are you looking for 5x-10x better results?YesNoNo
Are you looking to get your car cleaned in under 30 minutes?NoYesDepends
Are you looking to get a regular car wash and basic vacuuming only?NoYesYes
Do you have time to clean your car?NoNoYes
Do you worry about potential scratches on your paint?YesNoDepends

Note: The chart above assumes that the DIY person has only basic knowledge, tools, and products. 98% of the cars we detail are by owners who don’t have experience in proper car detailing. Only 1–2% of our customers have some experience with or knowledge of car detailing.

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