How to Buff Scratches On Car Paint?

how to buff scratches on car paint - mobile car detailing

There are many ways to buff out car scratches depending on their severity. For light scratches ,you can use a scratch remover product. For surface-level scratches, you can use a DIY toothpaste scratch remover. For small scratches, a polishing compound will do and for deep scratches, you’re going to have to repaint the affected area. […]

How to Choose Buffing Pads and Compounds?

how to choose the best buffing pads and compounds car detailing

You can’t achieve that glorious shine and gloss you’ve always wanted for your car without the suitable buffing pads and compounds. When choosing these tools, you have to make sure they fit what you need at the moment. Microfiber pads are best for applying compound to your car’s paint. What are Compounds? Compounds are used […]

How to Buff and Remove Swirl Marks from Car Paint

how to buff and remove swirl mark

The quickest and most effective method to buff and remove swirl marks from your car paint is by using a machine polisher. First, rinse the car to get rid of any contaminants before applying a scratch and swirl remover in the area. Start buffing in a circular overlapping motion with a light to medium pressure […]

How to Professionally Restore Headlight Lenses

How to professionally restore headlights lenses

You can restore your headlights professionally with five simple steps. First, clean the headlights before taping off the edge to avoid damaging your car’s paintwork. Then, sand your headlights before cleaning, polishing, and waxing them. Finally, apply a clear coat to complete the look. When driving at night or in adverse weather conditions, headlights are […]

How to start detailing with $500 or less

How to start detailing with $500 or less

You can start your own mobile auto detailing business with only $500 in your pocket. That amount is enough to secure the basic products and tools you need. You can start by practicing detailing your own car, some family members, and friends before getting clients. Mobile car detailing is a great side hustle that allows […]

How to Apply Car Wax Properly Even Without Shade

How to Apply Car Wax Properly Even Without Shade

The 4 main problems when waxing outside in direct sunlight are heat, hot paint, dust, and possible bird droppings. Applying car wax under direct sunlight is definitely not recommended. However, there are some workarounds and certain waxes you can use, in direct sunlight and hot weather.  Not all who have cars have trees, carports, or […]

9 Steps to Clean Your Wheels Properly

Cleaning dirty wheels in less than 15 minutes

Knowing how to clean dirty wheels in less than 15 minutes is a life skill every car owner should have. All you really need is a bucket of water, soap solution, microfiber towels, and a pressure washer. You just rinse the rims, apply the wheel cleaner, scrub the rims, clean the wheel, and rinse. A […]

How to Wash a Car Without Scratching the Paint

mobile car washing without scratching car paint - car washing

If you want to know how to wash a car without scratching the paint, all you really need to know is the basics. First, rinse all the dirt starting on the wheels and work your way up. Make sure there isn’t any residue so when you start scrubbing gently, there’d be no scratches on the […]

How to Clean White Tesla Seats

How to clean white tesla seats - mobile car detailing

One would think that one high-tech and luxurious car such as a Tesla would require a more advanced way of cleaning its white seats but it actually only needs basic cleaning. You just need to regularly clean the white seats with mild soap, water, and a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go. Although an […]

How to Choose a Mobile Car Detailer

How to choose the best mobile car detailing service - RICarSalon

If you want to choose the best mobile car detailer near you, first, you must do thorough research. An owner-operated mobile car detailer is best for connecting with local businesses and establishing long-lasting relationships with expert. There is a lot of mobile car detailing services out there but you might find River Islands Car Salon […]