Car Buffing and Paint Correction Service

Speaking of the finest car polishing and paint correction service, if you’re asking yourself “where’s the best mobile car paint correction services near me?” the answer is right here! You don’t need to look far and wide, my friend. You’re at the right place.

Taking your car for a spin has its perks and setbacks. You get to enjoy the ride but you’ve got to deal with the damages to your paint over time, too. A car that’s frequently used can and will accumulate unsightly blemishes, swirls, or scratches as time passes, no matter how well you take care of it. This can be a real bummer if not for our car buffing and paint correction service. We can help remove those annoying swirl marks or excessive water spots to achieve that deep gloss and shine that you’ve always wanted!

If your car still looks dull even after you wax it, you’re going to need the best paint correction and buffing services. The defects and dullness you see on your car paint are usually caused by improper washing methods using dirty wash mitts, rough towels, and stiff brushes. You can also add harsh elements such as hard water spots, bird droppings, and sap to that list. That’s why no matter how much you wax your car, the gloss and shine aren’t just the same. Only the finest car polishing and paint correction service can restore that.

What is Paint Correction?

As the name suggests, paint correction is simply the process of restoring the gloss and shine of a car’s surface which has been marred by swirl marks, scratches, and water etching. This can be achieved by eliminating the aforementioned deformities by using the latest refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. 

Some owners think that paint correction is just literally painting over imperfections. It’s a more complex and meticulous process than that. What it is can be looked at as a specialized form of buffing and polishing.

There are different buffing levels and mobile car paint touch-up processes for every car’s needs. It can range from a simple paint and gloss correction to repairing severe defects to achieve optimal results. Whatever it is, the goal of paint correction is to restore the gloss and shine your car once had when you first bought it, or perhaps something close to that.

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Car Buffing and Paint Correction Before and After Photos

Here are some of our paint enhancement and paint correction results. Feel free to look and marvel at the quality service we provide all our clients. This service is best paired with a Full Car Interior Cleaning or Deep Car Interior Clean and Detail.

car paint correction buffing services before


car paint correction buffing services after


auto paint correction buffing service near me before


auto paint correction buffing service near me after


car buffing paint correction home service before


car buffing paint correction home service before


car paint correction buffing services before


car paint buffing services near me after


professional auto mobile buffing paint correction before


professional auto mobile buffing paint correction after


mobile car buffing service near me before


mobile car buffing service near me after


mobile car paint correction service near me before


mobile car paint correction service near me after


mobile car buffing and paint correction service before


mobile car buffing and paint correction service after


car buffing near me before


car buffing near me after


car paint correction near me before


car paint correction near me after


car paint protection near me before


car paint protection near me after


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Cindy Foster
Cindy Foster
I had water spots on my car and Neil was very honest about what can be done. Though he didn’t do the detail, he explained to me what needs to be done and he gave me an option if I still want to proceed or not. He was a very honest detailer and saved me money. I highly appreciate River Islands car detailing for their trustworthiness.
Ronnie Mendoza
Ronnie Mendoza
My truck was covered with mud and dirt and due to my injury, I couldn’t detail anymore. I had to find a reputable and professional car detail and I was glad I found River Islands Car Salon. Neil did a great job making my truck look new again! I highly recommend this auto detailing service.
Nyka Cartago
Nyka Cartago
My dad’s car interior had not been cleaned for years. Neil came through and did a basic hand wash & deep cleaned the interior. Now my dad’s car looks brand new inside! He did an amazing job and I recommend him to anyone looking for a car detail.
Krisna Norico
Krisna Norico
Neil did a great job removing dirt on the crevices, coffee stains on the back seat and scratches on my SUV. My car looks new and shiny again. The interior smells great and clean too! I highly recommend this auto detailing service in Lathrop.
Neil did a great job removing water spots on our Challenger and Tundra. Our cars look new and shiny again. Highly recommend his auto detail service!
Daleep Arora
Daleep Arora
River Islands Car Salon did a great job on cleaning my car interior. The crumbs were gone and my leather seats look like new again. I highly recommend them if you need your car detailed.
Victor Thornton
Victor Thornton
Neil cleaned and detailed our SUV and classic car. The interior and exterior of our cars looked very clean and shiny again. I highly recommend this mobile car detailing business because of their professionalism and attention to detail!
Aamir Refai
Aamir Refai
Neil did a great job removing the dirt, coffee stains and some browning on the interior of our Suburban. He was also able to remove the stains on the headliner and the dirt from the vents.We didn’t know how dirty the interior was until he showed me how much stains he collected and dump from his carpet extractor.Now, my family and I feel comfortable to sit inside and drive around. It also feels much better breathing inside as well as touching the steering wheel and other surfaces.We are satisfied with the result and we highly recommend River Islands Car Salon mobile car detailing service.
Lakhvir Gill
Lakhvir Gill
River Islands Car Salon did a deep car interior seat cleaning and exterior detail on my wife’s Corolla. Neil cleaned the stains on my wife’s car seats and the car looks shiny. He was prompt and provided a great customer service. I highly recommend this mobile car detailing service.
River Islands Car Salon did a deep car interior cleaning on my car. Neil was able to remove the stains on my seats and I was happy with the outcome. I did notice he missed my windows due his focus on my seats (which I appreciated), but he was honest enough to make it right the next day! He provided great customer service, he’s very communicative, and I’d definitely recommend this mobile car detailing service.

We service several areas surrounding Lathrop. There is some limitation just depends on how distance your location is but we will try our best to fit you in our schedule and meet criteria.

Below are some surrounding areas that we service.

What to Expect From Our Paint Correction Service

We have expert auto mobile detailing services. Our team has years of experience in the field, and we’re passionate about what we do. We’re here to help you achieve the best results for your car. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create a top-notch finish on any vehicle, from full restoration projects to basic detailing services. Whether you need assistance with buffing and waxing or have more advanced needs such as paint correction and ceramic coating installation, our staff will provide high-quality service at an affordable price!

We offer a range of services to our customers, to ensure that you can get the very best out of your vehicle. Our mobile car paint repair service can remove imperfections in the paintwork and restore it to its original condition. We also provide car buffing for customers who are looking for a more natural finish on their vehicles or those who want their paintwork protected from the elements. You can choose between two different types of car buffing: traditional hand-polishing or machine polishing.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ll provide you with a high-quality experience every time—all backed by our no-risk guarantee!

How Does a Paint Correction Work?

Paint correction is done through the use of specific tools and equipment, including a machine polisher that applies polish to the paintwork. The type of polish used by most professionals will vary depending on the severity of your swirl marks and scratches. The goal is for you to leave with a smooth, flawless finish that’s ready for waxing or sealing–and it’s not too far out of reach!

A paint correction will restore your car’s paintwork to its original condition by making it as smooth and shiny as possible. This means that the process is aimed at removing swirls and scratches from the surface of your vehicle, in order to improve its overall look.

Paint correction aka “buffing” has 3 levels:

Level 1. Paint Enhancement

This removes 10%-50% of the swirl marks and defects. This is the least aggressive method and has the quickest time to complete. This service can take from 2-3hrs on a whole exterior of a 4-door sedan. This method is best for clients who need good paint improvement while not spending a ton of money.

Level 2. 1-Step Paint Correction

This removes 50%-70% of swirls and defects. This is a medium aggressive approach and can take 5-7hrs on a whole exterior of a 4-door sedan. This is best for clients who have light scratches that need removal.

Level 3. 2-Step Paint Correction

This removes 70%-95% of swirls and defects. This is the most aggressive method because of two cutting pads, compounds, and polish. This service is best for clients who have very noticeable swirls and defects. It is for people who need a significant improvement on their paint. This service may take 7-9 hrs for the whole exterior of a regular-sized sedan.

With these 3 levels, you’ll end up with a shiny, glossy, brand-new looking car. You’re welcome!

Now that you know the 3 levels to our car buffing and paint correction service, let us walk you through our process:


First, we clean the wheels and then rinse the car, section by section.


Then, we wash the car by using clean microfiber wash mitts and ph-neutral soap in a bucket of distilled water.


After that, we clay the surface to remove contaminants and embedded bugs while the car is soapy.


We also apply the iron remover to remove iron particles. Let it dwell for 30sec to 1min.


After that, we rinse the entire car and then wipe it dry.


We then pull the car inside the garage to prep for paint enhancement or paint correction. We also assess the paint using a bright LED flashlight to see areas that need swirl marks and defect removal.


We will start machine polishing to remove defects and swirl marks. The pads, compounds, and arm speed are dependent on the budget and needs of the client.


After polishing, we will apply wax and grease remover to clean the area. We will inspect if the swirl marks and defects are still visible. If visible we will do a second pass (If the client wants a 2-step paint correction.)


After the paint is clean and no more compound residue, we will apply a sealant or a wax to protect the paint.


We will dress tires, clean the glass and do some final touch-ups before turning the car to the client.

What Are the Benefits of Paint Correction?

These are the advantages of having paint correction and buffing to your dull-looking car:

Better Appearance

Our paint correction service helps remove swirls, scratches, and other imperfections in the paint. It also helps remove the oxidation that has built up over time on the surface of the vehicle’s paint. It will improve the gloss and shine of a vehicle to a whole new level. As these imperfections are addressed in the vehicle’s finish, it will look like new all over again! You’ll notice how your car has become deeper looking in color and more vibrant with better reflection as well.

Extended Lifespan

Paint correction improves the lifespan of your paint by a significant amount. Waxes and sealants only last a few months before they need to be reapplied, but paint correction is a process that restores your car’s gloss and shine. Once you had your car paint, corrected, we highly recommend applying and reapplying wax or sealant to your car. The wax or sealant will protect your car and make it look great for years to come.

Additionally, waxes and sealants have some UV properties that protect your paint from harsh sunlight. It also makes dirt, bugs, and bird droppings a lot easier to remove. Paint correction allows your car to look good again even after the harsh environmental elements have damaged your vehicle’s appearance over time.

Increased resale value

If you’re planning to sell your car sometime in the future, you need to take care of its faded paint, tiny scratches, or any imperfection that can affect the buyer’s first impressions. Paint correction will help you achieve that flawless exterior that can considerably increase the value of your car.

If you want to get all these benefits and you’re wondering “where’s the finest mobile car buffing service near me?” you’re looking at the right place. 

Paint Correction Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ceramic coating?

Not yet, but we will in the future. We continuously progress and offer more services as time goes on.

I noticed you offer 3 paint correction services, can you help me which one to get?

Absolutely! It always boils down to your budget and the amount of swirl marks you wish to get rid of.

Paint enhancement removes about 10-50% of swirls.

1-Step Paint Correction removes about 50-70% and 2-Step Paint Correction removes about 70-95% swirls and defects.Paint enhancement is our most affordable and quickest paint correction service.

Can you do paint polishing outside, like in my driveway?

For the whole car exterior, no, but for small spots, yes.

It is not recommended to do a paint correction outside because the paint may be too hot to polish. Also, dust and dirt may get onto the polishing pads and it can transfer onto your paint.

The best environment for doing paint correction is inside your garage while the paint is cool to touch.

For small spot correction, it can be done outside since it’ll be a quick correction.

How do I maintain and take care of my newly polished car?

We advise you not to bring it to any automatic car wash or car wash tunnels.

Those automatic car washes can cause scratches or swirl marks because of the brushes they use.

We also recommend hand washing your car and applying wax weekly or bi-weekly. This helps protect and preserve the quality of your paint in the long run. Always remember to use clean microfiber wash mitts when washing your car.

How long does a paint correction service can take?

It varies. A 1-step paint correction can take 5-7hrs for a regular sized Toyota Camry.

A 2-step paint correction can take 7-9hrs and paint enhancement can take 2-3hrs for a regular sized sedan.