Premium Mobile Car Wash in Lathrop, CA

A gentle and scratch-free mobile car wash and wax service.

A premium hand car wash that brings back the gloss of your paint.

Many of you can wash and wax your own car. Others bring their car to automatic car washes or car tunnel wash.

The problem is, sometimes you don’t have time to wash and you’re worried of having paint scratches. Also, you may not have all the tools and products with you to do the job right.

If you’re looking for a high quality and scratch free mobile car wash in Lathrop then this service is best for you.

We will wash, remove bugs and apply a high quality wax or ceramic booster for ceramic coated vehicles.

Unlike our Superior Wash and Wax, this service is intended for well maintained or ceramic coated cars. This service is enough if you’re looking to bring back the cleanliness and gloss of your car.

premium wash and wax services lathrop ca



Clean your wheels by using a ph-neutral wheel cleaner and wheel brushes.


Rinse your car, section by section. Then we will apply bug removal chemical to remove dried bugs on your paint.


Then, we will rinse and wash your car with ph-neutral soap in a bucket of distilled water. Then we will scrub the paint with 100% clean and fresh microfiber towels to avoid scratches.


Then we will rinse and wipe dry using large microfiber towels. We will apply wax or ceramic booster spray to make your car shiny again.


We will wipe and clean your exterior windows so you can see the road better.


Finally, we will apply tire dressing to complete the look of your waxed car. We will go over again to see if we missed some spots.

Premium Car Wash and Wax Before and After Photos

Feel free to take a look at some of our Superior Wash and Wax results below. This service is best paired with Full Car Interior Detail or Deep Car Interior Cleaning.

Premium Car Wash Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are a mobile car detailing service and we do the work at the comfort of your home. We do car detailing service in Lathrop, Manteca and Tracy.

Yes. This wash and wax service is meant for ceramic coated and film protected cars. The main difference is that we don’t use a clay bar. There’s also no paint prep work since your car is already coated or protected with a film. We also don’t clean the door jambs and clean the interior windows. In short, this service is best for coated or well maintained cars.

This wash and wax service can take from 1-1.5hrs.

Yes. We apply ceramic booster spray or Si02 based spray to enhance and prolong your ceramic coating.

We don’t clay ceramic coated or film protected cars. Clay may cause marring to your paint protection film.

No. If you need a scratch or swirl mark removal, please look into our Car Buffing and Paint Correction service.