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We offer a completely FREE interior detail, worth $160, to anybody living in the River Islands community in Lathrop, CA. 

And for our loyal customers, who have supported us for the past 4 years, we offer you a bonus gift: We’ll treat your leather seats to a deep conditioning treatment, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and protected.

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If you’re taking your car to an auto detailer in Lathrop, take it to the best – take it to River Islands Car Salon! Here, you’ll receive the best car detailing service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Neil Ednacot river islands car salon

Mobile Auto Detailing Lathrop, CA

Neil’s car detailing service started as a hobby since 2013. He enjoyed cleaning cars since he was in high school.

Since he moved to River Islands in Lathrop, and got a new car, his passion of car detailing has grown even more.

He decided to offer his car detailing service to his family, friends, and neighbors for a very low price.

As time went by, people loved the results, and his clientele grew. Thus, River Islands Car Salon mobile car detailing service was born.

In 2021, he decided to grow his business and needed a helper. He found and trained Eli to become a professional detailer. As time went by, they detailed 300+ cars in Lathrop.

Neil Ednacot river islands car salon
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Best Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Lathrop, CA

River Islands Car Salon has the finest mobile car detailers in Lathrop, no doubt about it. We value our customers just as much as we value the work that we do.

We always make sure that our clients only experience the best mobile car detailing and cleaning service; that’s why they keep coming back.

Our high standards for providing excellent service reflect in the way we offer our expert recommendations, set our fair and honest pricing and present our unparalleled car detailing results.

Over 90 positive online reviews can’t all be lying! So, pick up the phone, schedule your service, and claim your free offer today!

Why is Professional Detailing Worth It

1. Better Air Quality

Getting your car cleaned and detailed will get rid of any foul smells, dust, and germs hiding in the nooks and crannies of your car. This will also help keep allergies at bay. Sneezing and coughing while driving is not ideal when you have other people in the car with you.

2. Safer For Kids

We all know toddlers always try to get their hands on something and put it in their mouth right away. Imagine if you have a bunch of food wrappers or weeks-old leftovers lying around in your car that they can reach! Clean up your car to avoid this.

3. More Confidence

Having a clean car will allow you to have that sense of accomplishment. You will feel more confident inviting your coworkers, friends, or families for a car ride home or somewhere else when your car is sparkly clean inside and out.

4. Less Stress

Driving in a clean car will automatically put you in a good mood. Get rid of foul odors, dirty surfaces, dusty vents, and the greasy steering wheels by hiring a professional car interior cleaner and detailer.

5. Sell It For More

Keep your car well maintained, shiny, and clean inside and out if you’re planning to sell it in the near future. This will help you put a higher price on the car and make the sale more profitable.

6. Extend Its Lifespan

If you clean and maintain your car regularly, the parts, upholstery, and paint will last longer, and the “wear and tear” will show up much later. This is great if you plan to pass down your car to someone.

Our Mobile Auto Detailing Services

Paint Correction

If you want to make your car look years younger, newer, brighter, and more vibrant, our car buffing and paint correction can do all that!

Paint correction helps restore your car’s clear coat. Our 4 levels of buffing will totally get rid of the nasty imperfections, scratches, and marring on your car and leave it looking shiny and new.

Before After paint correction services lathrop calathrop paint correction services
ceramic coating lathrop ca

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent layer applied to your car’s exterior that actively protects your car’s paint against bugs, water spots, and dirt for 2-3 years or even longer.

Ceramic coating checks all of the boxes:

  • It protects the exterior, leading to fewer repairs and more money saved
  • It boosts the car’s value
  • It makes the cleaning easier
  • It makes your car shine and look like it came straight out of the salon
  • It makes you feel more confident as you get all of the head turns on the street

Looking for the best ceramic coating in Lathrop, CA? Call us today!

ceramic coating lathrop ca

Wash and Wax

Keep the exterior of your car safe from scratches and its paint protected from too much heat exposure with our wash and wax services.

Its cosmetic benefits include enhancing your car’s existing shine and also preventing water spots on the surface.

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Before After blurry headlight lensrestored shining headlight lens

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are starting to get cloudy and dull, you need to have them restored.

It’s not just about making your car look nice; it’s more about providing safety for you and the passengers in your car.

With our professional headlight restoration service, your headlights will improve their ability to project light properly on the road at night.

Before After blurry headlight lensrestored shining headlight lens

Basic Interior Detailing

Don’t wait for your car’s interior to deteriorate before you take it to expert car cleaners and detailers in Lathrop.

Our basic car interior cleaning and detail will thoroughly clean and detail areas that are not cleaned by car washes, and they will instantly look much better and shinier.

After we’re done, you’ll no longer have to be ashamed whenever you take somebody on a ride. Instead, you’ll feel much more confident and build more respect with your passengers!

Before After interior detailing lathrop cainterior detailing lathrop
Before After full interior detailing lathrop calathrop full interior detailing services

Full Interior Detailing

This service is for really dirty cars, with major stains, a lot of sand, and pet hair and urine.

With our full interior detailing service, we conduct a deep cleanup of your car, removing all of the health risks typically associated with a really dirty car:

  • Bacteria like E.coli
  • Mold
  • Bugs
  • Allergens
  • And more

So, if you wish to avoid all of these (we certainly would), schedule your full interior detail today!

Before After full interior detailing lathrop calathrop full interior detailing services

Stain Removal

Some stains are easily cleaned up, while others are extensive, require specialized cleanup equipment, and can take hours. We’ll help you take care of the latter.

Here are just some of the stains we can easily clean up for you:

  • Food
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Juice
  • Blood
  • Vomit
  • Urine

Schedule your stain removal today by calling (408) 614-4593!

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Before After car pet hair removal lathrop caIMG 5089 scaled

Pet Hair Removal

We all love our pets, but they can make our cars dirty!

If you love taking your pets around, chances are that you have a lot of pet hair on your car seats and carpet. 

No worries! Our team at River Islands Car Salon will help you remove all of the pet hair from your car quickly and efficiently.

Before After car pet hair removal lathrop caIMG 5089 scaled

Full Car Detailing

Need a complete solution for your car? Want to take care of both interior and exterior in one go?

Then our full car detailing services are the perfect option for you! We offer three full car detailing packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) that will transform even the most neglected of cars into a salon-like beasts.

Feel that pride you’ve felt when you originally bought the vehicle and stepped into it brand new. Skip the individual services and schedule a full mobile car detail today!

Why Trust River Islands Car Salon?

mobile car detailing by River Islands Car Salon in San Joaquin County

Reliable Detailers

We understand how poor response time, especially when repeatedly done, can result in loss of customers and revenue. We simply don't want that to happen. One of the key things we do in order to retain our customers is to have a reliable and transparent turnaround time. We tell them honestly the required time frame for the service to be completed without compromising the quality of our service.


Great Customer Service

No matter how good a car detailing company's services are, if the customer service is bad, people won't spend money on them ever again. We make sure to provide excellent customer service because it shows how much we value our clients.


Transparent Pricing

We intend to win our customers' loyalty to our services and in order to do that, we present a fair and honest price. By doing this, we are not only giving our clients good value but also maintaining the good reputation that we have built for our business over the years.

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You would hire a car detailer if you have a specific concern with your car.

For example, if you have a lot of stains on your cloth seats, you need a professional car detailer to remove them. If you have swirl marks, you need a mobile car detailer who has the expertise of using a machine polisher.

You can’t go to a regular car wash or do it on your own because you might not have all the tools and experience to do it.

Also, if you’re looking to save time, money and energy, hiring a car detailer can help

It’s worth it if you are looking to preserve the overall quality of your car. Over time, your car will accumulate bugs, sap, and hard water spots.

These contaminants can etch underneath the clear coat, thus damaging your car paint.

Also, a clean car interior is important so that you reduce the chances of getting sick. People often eat and drink inside the car but rarely clean the interior. As time goes by, your car’s interior gets dirtier and dirtier. Food and drink stains accumulate and bacteria thrives on your car seats and door panels.

Plus, you will feel embarrassed if you drive around with your friends and family. It won’t be a pleasant trip for you and your passengers if you have a dirty car interior.

Car detailing takes care of all of this. And that’s why it’s worth it.

A typical car detailing service for the exterior and interior can take 3–4 hours on average. If your vehicle is bigger and dirtier, it may take 4-6 hours. Paint correction and car buffing services can take 6–14 hours on average. It depends on how much swirl and defect removal is needed by the customer.

Ceramic coating with paint enhancement package (removes 30%-70% swirl marks and imperfections):

  • 4-5 year coating: $750 – $1500+
  • 3-4 year coating: $550 -$1300+
  • 1-2 year coating: $450 -$1100+

Paint correction

  • Oxidized paint correction: $450-$3500+
  • 2 step paint correction: $350 – $2600+
  • 1 step paint correction: $250 – $1500+

Wash and Wax :

  • $150 – $250+

Headlight restoration:

  • $140-$250+

Full interior detail:

  • $250 – $400+

Stain removal:

  • $100 – $450+

Pet hair removal :

  • $100 – $350+

Regular interior detail:

  • $150 – $250+

Full detail package

  • Bronze: $190 – $320+
  • Silver: $260 – $390+
  • Gold: $330 – $490+

About Lathrop, CA

Lathrop is a suburban, warm, and welcoming city just 10 miles south of Stockton. It’s also a reasonable drive away from the Bay Area and Sacramento.

The best neighborhoods in Lathrop are Central Lathrop, Mossdale Landing, and, of course, the River Islands community.

Popular places include:

  • Dell’Osso Family Farms
  • Fireside Inn
  • Denise’s Farmers Market

Even though the city is smaller, it’s still a great place to live, with many up-and-coming areas and projects aimed at improving the overall quality of life to a new level.

More about Lathrop:

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