Our Services

Professional Car Detailing Services Right at Your Doorstep

At River Islands Car Salon, we take pride in delivering a range of automotive detailing services designed to cater to all your car needs. Whether you’re looking to restore your car’s showroom shine, protect its finish, or maintain its pristine condition, our team of skilled professionals is here to deliver excellence with a touch of expertise.

If you are facing problems with your car like stains on seats, scratches on paint, swirl marks, pet hair in the car interior, or blurred headlight lenses, then you are in the perfect place. And if you don’t have the time to bring your car to our shop, don’t worry! 

Our team of professional mobile car detailers will come to your home and provide auto detailing services to make your car look brand new. Explore our comprehensive services and let us pamper your vehicle, ensuring it always looks its absolute best!

We Offer The Following Services

Paint Correction

Headlight Restoration

Wash and Wax

Ceramic Coating

Basic Interior Detail

Pet Hair Removal

Stain Removal

Full Interior Cleaning

Full Car Detailing

Benefits of Our Services

Improved Air Quality

Cost Saving

Enhanced Comfort

Time Saving

Low Risk of Allergies

Increased Car Value

Why Trust Us?

mobile car detailing by River Islands Car Salon in San Joaquin County


We come to you, saving you precious time and gas. No more lugging your car across town or waiting in line.


Money Back Guarantee

Didn't meet your expectations? We're happy to refund your payment, after understanding where we missed the mark.


Transparent Pricing

You'll get a tailored quote based on your ride's condition and the services you need, so you'll only pay for what truly matters.