Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Restore your car’s interior to it’s former glory

Benefits of Interior Detailing

No matter how good your car looks on the outside, if it’s cluttered and dirty on the inside, it will still reflect who you are as an owner.  Spending a considerable amount of time behind wheels and on the road can take a toll on your car’s interior. It’s easy to take care of your car’s exterior with just a wash and wax service but the upkeep of a car’s interior is often overlooked. 

Fresh smelling interior

Stain free interior

No pet hair or pee stains

Interior Detailing Services

Having a super clean car interior makes a comfortable and pleasant ride for everyone. If the condition of your car interior is poor, and you are dealing with stains, pet hair, spilled food and drinks, sand, even vomit or urine, you need the finest auto detailers like River Islands Car Salon to take care of you. 

We have two different interior cleaning services for you. Each service is meticulously designed to take care of your car interior needs.  

For owners who are dealing with stubborn stains like spills, vomit, etc, on their car interior. ​

For owners who just need a complete interior cleaning but there are no stubborn stains.

What is Deep Car Interior Cleaning?

A deep car interior cleaning caters to car owners who are looking to remove specific stubborn stains from their car seats or floors. 

Cleaning a car interior is a time and labor intensive process. Food and drink stains are the most common problem customers ask us to remove. Most of the time, stains come from coffee, juice, milk, and food sauces. We are also asked to remove organic stains such as vomit and pet accidents. 

We try to remove as much pet hair, sand, stains and dirt as possible. We will do thorough vacuuming, steam cleaning, scrubbing, and carpet shampooing. In short, almost every surface of your car interior will be cleaned.

Deep Car Interior Cleaning Process


First, we ask the customer questions and information regarding the condition of the vehicle. Then we ask them to remove all loose and valuable items and car seats. 


Second, we wash and scrub your rubber floor mats and door jambs. Then we wipe and use a blower to dry. 


Third, we use an air compressor and/or a variety of brushes to loosen up sand and dirt in cracks and crevices. Then, we perform a thorough vacuuming of carpet, seats, cupholders, and underneath the seats and vents. If you don’t need sand removal, we will proceed with the pet hair removal process. 


Fourth, we pre-spray your spoiled cloth seat or carpets with alkaline solutions. Then we scrub and brush the area to loosen the stains. Next, we use a carpet extractor machine with a neutralizing agent to remove the deep stains from car upholstery. 


Fifth, we steam clean the surfaces and hard plastics. Steam helps removing germs, body oils, hardened crayons, and stubborn stains. Then we wipe and clean the entire interior surfaces.


Finally, we clean and wipe your interior windows to help you see better while driving. You will feel much safer and more alert having a clean and streak free glass.

Before and After Shots

What is Full Car Interior Detailing?

Providing a proper full car interior detailing service requires a meticulous interior cleaning process. It involves the best vacuuming, shampooing, wiping, polishing, and finishing methods in order to leave every car looking as good as new. 

In a full car interior detailing service, all the crumbs, dust, and other debris from the floor mats, seats and trunk, and carpets will be removed using a vacuum. If the upholstery is stained or dirty, it will be cleaned using specialized methods that are appropriate to the car seat, whether cloth or leather.

Our full car interior cleaning service is perfect for those who have an average dirty car interior but without stains, pet hair, or sand. In other words, this service is for those who are looking for a complete and quality interior detail. This service complements our Premium Mobile Car Wash and Wax service.


Full Car Interior Detailing Process


First, we ask the customer to remove all loose and valuable items such as money, jewelry, and documents. We also request to take out the car seats, so they can be cleaned.


Second, we loosen the dirt in the carpet and seams by brushing or using compressed air. Then, we brush the vents, dashboard, and other surfaces.


Third, we do a thorough vacuum and steam clean the surfaces. Steam helps remove oils, germs, and embedded dirt.


Fourth, we spray a gentle pH-neutral cleaner on the surfaces and leather seats. Then we will scrub your leather seats using a leather brush. Next, we will wipe it dry with fresh and clean microfiber towels.


Fifth, we wipe and clean your interior windows to make sure you have a clear vision when driving. You will feel much safer and more alert having a clean and streak free glass.


Finally, we will apply carpet shampoo and wipe dry the fabric.

Before and After Shots

Interior Cleaning Tools

We use powerful tools to transform filthy car interiors and make them new. The specific auto upholstery cleaner tools that we use are: 

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a powerful tool that converts water into heat and very high pressure. What comes out from the nozzle is a very hot, high pressurized vapor. This pressurized hot vapor deep cleans, and kills most bacteria and germs. It also helps to loosen stubborn stains embedded in the car cloth seats and carpet. When we encounter stains on car seats and carpet, our steam cleaner helps us a lot to remove 80-90% of the stains. 

Carpet Extractor

When a steam cleaner fails to remove stubborn stains we use a carpet extractor. A carpet extractor is a powerful machine that can pump out and vacuum liquid at the same time. It uses a special cleaning solution that is effective in removing nasty stains. It is popular in the carpet cleaning industry because of how effective it is in removing stains.  They work like a regular vacuum but specialize in suctioning liquid. 

Air Compressor and Drill Brush

We use an air compressor and drill brush to loosen up the sand. Then we vacuum it up. We invest in a portable air compressor that has an air gun hose and nozzle attachment. The pressurized air is very effective at dislodging sand particles. While we’re using compressed air, we use a drill brush to further remove the fine sand within the fabric. This two-step combination removes sand, dust and other loose dirt. It makes vacuuming a lot easier and faster. 

Other Detailing Services

We also offer a variety of other car detailing services such as headlight restoration, paint correction, scratch removal, etc. Discover more services on the exterior services and full detail services pages. Interior detailing services are best paired with car wash and wax services.