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What is Paint Correction?

As the name suggests, paint correction is the process of restoring the gloss and shine of a car’s surface, which has been marred by swirl marks, scratches, and water etching. 

This can be achieved by eliminating the aforementioned deformities by using the latest refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. 

Some owners think that paint correction is literally painting over imperfections. It’s a more complex process than that. It can be looked at as a specialized form of buffing and polishing.

There are different buffing levels and mobile car paint touch-up processes for every car’s needs. It can range from a simple paint and gloss correction to repairing severe defects to achieve optimal results. 

Whatever it is, the goal of paint correction is to restore the gloss and shine your car once had when you first bought it, or perhaps something close to that.

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Best Car Buffing and Paint Correction Services Near You

Does your once-gleaming car look dull and lackluster, marred by swirl marks, scratches, and faded paint?

Does looking at it spark feelings of disappointment and worry instead of pride? You’re not alone.

These imperfections not only diminish your car’s beauty but can also affect its value.

At River Islands Car Salon, we don’t believe a lack of shine should mean a trip to an expensive body shop. 

Our professional car paint correction service restores your car’s paintwork to its former glory, at a fraction of the cost.

We provide a mobile paint correction service to the residents of:

Our Paint Correction Process

Paint correction is done through the use of specific tools and equipment, including a machine polisher that applies polish to the paintwork. The type of polish used by most professionals will vary depending on the severity of your swirl marks and scratches. The goal is for you to leave with a smooth, flawless finish that’s ready for waxing or sealing. 

A paint correction will restore your car’s paintwork to its original condition by making it as smooth and shiny as possible. This means that the process is aimed at removing swirls and scratches from the surface of your vehicle, in order to improve its overall look.

Paint correction aka “buffing” has 4 levels:

All-in-One Polishing & Wax

Ideal for mild imperfections, this service removes 5%-20% of scratches while adding a protective layer of wax for a fresh, glossy shine.

Paint Enhancement

The paint enhancement service removes 20% - 50% of the swirl marks and defects. It takes anywhere from 2-3 hours on the whole exterior of a 4-door sedan.

1-Step Paint Correction

Our 1-step paint correction method removes 50% - 80% of swirls and defects. This is a medium-aggressive approach and can take 5-7 hours on the whole exterior of a 4-door sedan. This is best for clients who have light scratches that need removal.

2-Step Paint Correction

Suffering from severe oxidation and deep scratches? This service utilizes wet sanding techniques, multiple polishing stages, and touch-up paint (if necessary) for a complete paint restoration. It can restore about 70-95% of swirls and defects and takes 7-9 hours for the regular-sized sedan.

Now that you know the 3 levels to our car buffing and paint correction service, let us walk you through our process:

Before and After Shots

Before After car paint beforecar paint shining after buffing
Before After car paint beforecar paint shining after correction
Before After paint correction mantecacar paint correction manteca
Before After mobile car buffing & paint correction service lathrop ca beforemobile car buffing & paint correction service lathrop ca after
Before After professional auto mobile buffing paint correction beforeprofessional auto mobile buffing paint correction after
Before After IMG 9191 scaledIMG 9227 scaled

We understand your concerns...

  • Unsightly appearance: Scratches and swirls scream “neglected car,” impacting your enjoyment and confidence.
  • Potential damage: Deep scratches can be expensive to repair at a body shop, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
  • DIY dilemma: While you might consider tackling the job yourself, the risk of further damage or unsatisfactory results can be daunting.

But what if there was a way to...

  • Restore your car’s shine and beauty without breaking the bank?
  • Eliminate scratches and swirls safely and effectively?
  • Protect your car’s paint and enhance its value?

Do All of These With Our Car Paint Correction Services

1. Scratch & Swirl Removal

Our skilled detailers utilize professional-grade techniques and products to safely sand away minor scratches and buff out stubborn swirls.

2. Brilliant Shine & Protection

We don't stop at scratch removal. We apply premium waxes or ceramic coatings to create a deep, mirror-like finish that shields your paint from future damage.

3. Cheaper Than Body Shops

Unlike expensive body shop repairs, our service offers exceptional value, restoring your car's beauty at a much more affordable price.

Why Trust Us?

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Our Paint Correction Pricing

Type of Service


Oxidized paint correction

$450 – $3500+

2-step paint correction

$350 – $2600+
1-step paint correction$250 – $1500+