Superior Car Wash & Wax in Lathrop, CA

A thorough wash and wax service for superior cleanliness, smoothness and shine.

Mobile Car Wash & Wax: Clean and protect your car against the harsh weather and dusty conditions in Lathrop, CA

Many residents in the Central Valley commute to work everyday in the Bay Area. Thus, your car gets exposed to harsh elements such as UV rays, brake dust, sap, bugs, tar, rock and dirt. These can deteriorate the paint and exterior quality of your car, making your car look dirty and dull.

Also, when you’re busy, it could be hard finding the proper care and time to spend on washing and waxing your vehicle. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time washing and waxing your car.

Our wash and wax service help you save time, money and energy.

You don't have to buy tools and products.

You don't have to spend hours washing your car.

You don’t have to worry about getting your car scratched.

We can take care of your car with safe, gentle and effective tools, products and methods.



We start by identifying the problem areas especially if a certain area has more dirt or dried bugs, sap and tar. We will take note of areas that need more cleaning and attention.


We identify the wheels if they are alloy, painted, chrome, or forged. Then, we select the appropriate tools and products, to clean your wheels and tires. The goal is to clean your tires as safe and gentle as possible, without scratching the wheels.


We will rinse the car, section by section. Then we will spray bug remover to break down bug guts and other contaminants. This makes your paint safer to wash. Then we will rinse again and start the wash and clay process.


We will wash the car using ph-neutral soap in a bucket of distilled water. Then clay the surface and find areas where it needs most attention. Clay removes dried embedded bugs and sap. At this stage, you’ll notice a big improvement of the smoothness of your car paint.


We will rinse again and dry your your vehicle with microfiber towels. We also use a blower to dry out water particularly on the side mirrors, door handles, and trunk.


We will wash and clean your door jambs.


We will remove any old waxes by applying wax and grease remover. Then we will apply a high quality wax and/or a sealant by spraying it or using a soft foam applicator. Then we wipe and buff out the excess so that you can see the gloss and shine.


We wipe and clean the interior and exterior windows so you’ll have a crystal clear vision of the road.


Finally we apply tire dressing to make your tires look new. Then we do a final touch up on the paint and windows, to make sure your car is spotless. At this stage, you’ll be happy once you see your car, looking clean and brand new again!

If you need your car interior cleaned, you can combine it with our Deep Car Interior Detail Service or Full Car Interior Detail Service. Both of these services complements the clean and brand new look of your waxed vehicle.

Superior Wash And Wax Photos

Feel free to take a look at some of our Superior Wash and Wax results below. This service is best paired with Full Car Interior Detail or Deep Car Interior Cleaning.

Superior Wash and Wax Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are a mobile car detailing service and we can go to Lathrop, Manteca and Tracy.

We use a paint sealant and top it off with spray wax. A paint sealant enhances protection while the spray wax adds gloss. Liquid based wax is also meant for detailing in a hot weather because it wipes off easily.

It can last from 1-2 months. It can also depend on the heat, cold, rain, and sun exposure. You will get more durability up to 3-4months if your car is parked inside your garage.

Yes. In the future when we have a dedicated van, we might not need any water or electricity access anymore.

The best way is to park your car inside the garage and wash it weekly or bi-weekly. Apply some spray wax and use a ph-neutral soap whenever you wash your car. This helps prolong the the protection and gloss on your car.

No. A wash and wax only hides minor imperfections on your paint. Once the wax is gone, you will see the swirl marks (if your car has some) appear again. Paint correction and enhancement service is the right choice if you want to remove the scratches on your car.

This is our most thorough wash and wax car detailing service. It includes bug removal, claying, old wax removal and sealant application. We also clean your door jambs, interior and exterior windows and wheels. Also, everything is done by hand to avoid scratching your car. This service can also take from 1-2hrs.