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Getting your car ready for the American Graffiti Festival? Stockton Auto Swap Meet & Classic Car Show? Or any other classic car event throughout San Joaquin County and nearby?

You are likely well aware that getting attention is going to be very competitive, so you better do everything it takes to make your classic car come out on top.

This is where our mobile classic car detailing comes in. We will clean both the ins and the outs of your classic car, making it shine better than ever.

River Islands Car Salon is based in Lathrop and we provide mobile classic car detailing in the following cities:

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How Do We Detail Classic Cars?

Our classic car detailing does not differ much from detailing other types of cars. 

Given that classic cars perhaps demand more extensive care and maintenance, we highly recommend applying ceramic coating for protection.

Any scratches or swirl marks? Or paint correction and buffing services will help you get rid of those.

We can clean faded and foggy headlights with our headlight restoration process and give your car’s exterior a thorough wash and wax

As for the interior, we offer basic and full interior detailing sessions. The first includes vacuuming and steam cleaning, while the second includes a deep cleanup of stains, sand, and pet hair.

You can get discounts by purchasing some of our full detailing packages. Three are available – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

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Classic Cars We've Detailed

Dodge Challenger 440 Magnum

Cadillac Coupe DeVille

1968 Dodge Charger

We can also detail Tesla, luxury cars like BMWs, Mercedes, and Porsches, pickups, vans, and more.


Judges need to be impressed by every single inch of your car. While detailing alone likely won’t help you win, adding it to your maintenance routine will certainly help your ride stand out.

Once a week is a must for the exterior. We’d go as far as to say that you should wash your exterior after every single drive.

For the interior, a deep clean every 1-3 months is recommended, depending on how much you use the car.

Yes, it does. If you’re planning on selling your car, keeping it in superb condition will only help you get more money for your classic.

It will also leave less room for negotiation. Buyers will not be able to point out that your car is dirty and therefore more likely to break down.

Ceramic coating, paint correction, and a deep interior cleanup will help you sell your car the most.

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