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Here, at River Islands Car Salon, we have a special place in our hearts for Teslas. I drive a Tesla Model 3 myself, and I love every second of it. I even use Tesla batteries for my home’s energy. 

But I am not the only Tesla lover around here!

We’ve got a Tesla factory over here at Lathrop, and there is even a local non-profit for Tesla owners. It’s no secret that locals here adore these cars. You’re likely one of those locals.

Many of our customers bring us their Teslas, mostly for ceramic coating and paint correction, and we have successfully detailed dozens of them over the years.

And if you’re currently looking for a mobile detailer for your own Tesla, look no further. We’re a Tesla mobile detailing service with a salon in Lathrop but we can also serve customers in:

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How We Detail Our Customers’ Teslas

We work hard on each Tesla we service as if it were our last detail. The difference with our Tesla detailing is that, given how common they are in the area, we’ve amassed more experience working on Teslas than most other brands.

This enables us to know the ins and outs of most models, leading to a much more efficient service.

Most of our customers wanted us to apply a ceramic coating to their Teslas. Many of them also had scratches and swirl marks, which we helped remove. Tesla’s paint is known to be quite sensitive, which is why we use non-abrasive products for detailing.

A lot of owners are also worried not to damage the electrical components, ports, and sensors. Rest assured, we understand the vulnerable parts of these cars and how to avoid damaging them.

If you go through our reviews on Google, you’ll see the photos and the results our customers have gotten. You can also look at our Tesla mobile and in-salon detailing portfolio below.

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Tesla's We've Detailed

Our Tesla Detailing Portfolio

Our Mobile Detailing Services

Paint Correction and Buffing

We remove scratches, both minor and deep, and swirl marks from damaged paint.

It’s no secret that our Teslas can get those easily. Given that our region is pretty agricultural, there are more things in the air that can damage the already very sensitive Tesla paint.

Our paint correction services also address the damage from bird droppings, tree saps, UV rays, and more. 

Before After tesla paint correctionpaint correction for teslas

Ceramic Coating Installation

Ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to a car’s paint that leads to the car requiring much less maintenance than before. 

Most of the items that land and stick to your car could be simply washed off when you have ceramic coating applied.

Not only that, but ceramic coating also makes the car shine and look like brand new. It will definitely lead to more heads turning when you drive in the street.

And lastly, given it’s multiple benefits, ceramic coating can increase your car’s value. Schedule your installation today!

Wash and Wax Services

Want your car to shine like the Model 3 on the right (or below if you’re on mobile)? This is the result of our wash and wax service.

This is a much better solution than taking your car to an automatic car wash. They mostly use harsh brushes or chemicals that could easily damage the paint. 

Instead, bring your car over to us or call us for a mobile Tesla car wash and wax service!

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Headlight Restoration

Now, we all know Tesla has great headlights. Models consistently score a “Good” rating on IIHS, proving what we already knew – Teslas are not only fast, eco-friendly, and comfortable, but are also pretty safe.

However, this does not last forever. Headlights fade and oxidize over time, leading to them being less and less reliable.

It’s crucial for your car to have its headlights operating at peak capacity at all times. It’s not just your safety in question, but the safety of everybody around.

If your headlights have faded and aren’t as bright as before, call us now and schedule your headlight restoration service!

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Tesla Interior Detailing Services

We offer two types of full interior details and cleanups:

If you just need either of the stain removal or pet hair removal services only, we can also provide you with that.

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Tesla model Y premium wash and wax 1

Full Tesla Car Detailing

Is your Tesla a complete mess that requires both interior and exterior work? Then our full car detailing packages are the perfect solution for you.

We offer three options for full car detail, ranging from least to most extensive. Check out our full car detailing packages and then get in touch. 

We offer bonuses with every second full-car detail purchase you make and a money back guarantee.

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